About Us

Welcome to the New School Economic Review – a student-run journal and blog about political economy, development, trade, philosophy of economics, and macroeconomics. We aim to strengthen our view of economics and the related social sciences through the lens of current events in academia and around the world. Both the journal and the blog are maintained by the NSER editorial team:

Jose José Coronado (Executive Editor)

Jose Alejandro Coronado is a PhD student at the NSSR. His academic interests include history of economic thought, history of mathematical economics, monetary theory, and income distribution.

Julian Julian Bautista (Executive Editor)

Julian Bautista is an MA student currently on a vision quest, searching for Keynes’ fabled animal spirits. Like all great economists, he has an invisble hand which flips the pages on his interests of economic history, economic development and industrial development.

Mike Michael Isaacson (Blog Editor)

Mike Isaacson is a PhD student who is really over the idea of “the discipline.” As such his research blends political economy, history, sociology, and anthropology in studying just how weird the radical right actually is. Additionally, Mike is interested in institutional inequality, economic (pre-)history, and pitbull puppies.

Daniel Daniel Younessi (Blog Editor)

Daniel Younessi is a PhD student in the New School economics department. His research interests include political economy, wealth and income inequality, and network theory.

Ingrid Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven (Associate Editor)

Ingrid is a PhD student in Economics at The New School for Social Research. She is interested in history of thought on development, political economy of development, finance and development, and structural causes of underdevelopment.

Douglas Douglas McDonald (Associate Editor)

Doug is an MA student in economics at the NSSR. He’s interested in the political economy of development and finance, labor economics, and theories of the firm.

David Maddy (Associate Editor)

David is an MA student in economics at the NSSR.

Amanda Novello (Associate Editor)

Amanda Novello is an MA student in the Economics department at the NSSR. Her research interests include the political economy of development, labor market history and policy, and climate change mitigation policy.

We invite you to contribute your thoughts to complement our regular contributors. Blog submissions should be sent to . Submissions are subject to editorial review for suitability and quality prior to publication. Submissions should be no more than 500 words and may include links to pictures, articles, and interesting events in economics.

Additionally, we are always accepting abstracts and articles for publication in the annual NSER journal . Please see our call for papers for submission guidelines and more information.